Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break Cruise - Day One

So, we are finally on our way! It crept up on me and I just know I am forgetting something.  Today, we flew over to Vancouver to stay the night before our early departure tomorrow.  The weather was not too bad and hubby drove the four of us to the airport. Check in was super easy as there was hardly anyone there.  Before heading through security, I briefly stopped by the cafe where I used to work to say hello.  :)  Afterwards, I made my way to security, dumped all the stuff into bins which needed to be dumped and walked through the arch only to hear the beeping of the metal detector.  Apparently, I had been randomly selected for a patdown. ROFL  The security lady was really good and explained everything she was going to do before she did it.  A few minutes and I was on my way to join my girls and my mom.  :)

The plane arrived early which was a nice bonus.  As we walked to the aircraft (we have a super small airport and this is a super small plane) we were greeted by a young Japanese pilot, much to the delight of my Japanese crazy eighteen year old daughter.  Yes, he was cute. ;)  Soon we were Vancouver bound.  The flight was the usual; noisy and uneventful.  Coming in to Vancouver, I noticed that we were taking a different direction than usual, which had to mean different wind direction.  It was a bit bumpy and we circled a rather large looming storm cloud, but not too much to write home about. 

We arrived at YVR and found our bags almost immediately.  Routine.  When I called the hotel about a shuttle, I was told that we had just missed it and one would be around in about twenty minutes.  Thinking we had time to burn, we grabbed a couple of drinks.  Well, there was an Acadian ringette team, so getting the drinks took up ten of our twenty minutes, so we made our way to the pick up area.  We weren't there long when our shuttle went driving past. :(  Perhaps it was full. I don't actually know. Half an hour longer in the sunshine and our very affable driver arrived.  He had an accent which made his attempts to joke with us all the more delightful.  We soon arrived at The Holiday Inn Express and were checked in by another agreeable staff member.  Found out about the shuttle for the morning and went up.  :)

 A short nap later, it was nearly time for us to be picked up by my sister and her fiance.  They arrived and took us to The Boathouse; a lovely seafood oriented restaurant where we were served a by a smooth, young and very cute waiter who made my girls giggle just because he was so good looking.  The meal was great, the company lovely and here we are back at the room, killing some time before an early bed time. If we are catching the 4:45 shuttle to the airport, we need to get our beauty sleep soon! 

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