Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My LasikMD Appointment

So, my husband has been after me for a while to check out Lasik MD which is a Canadian company which does some pretty heavy advertising. For about two years now, he has suggested I make the one hour trip to Nanaimo and see if I am a good candidate. February 25th, I finally did it. I am a point collector, and one of my point collecting websites promised me points if I filled in a form asking for information. "What the heck?" I thought, "I've been meaning to check this out anyway." In a very short time, I got a call. I actually missed it but found a message in my voice mail shortly thereafter. I called back and got some call centre in Quebec. The lady spoke excellent English and had a great sense of humour, we laughed quite a bit and I think that helped my nerves. We set up an appointment for the 25th and that was that. Hubby suggested I take the girls with me (they are always up for a trip to Nanaimo to shop) and stay the night at the Best Western near both the mall and the clinic. So that is just what we did.

I was a bit nervous when I got to the appointment because I had been told since I was ten that I have a lazy eye. The clinical name for it is amblyopia and it means a person's brain doesn't recognize the weaker eye. My glasses when I was a kid were awful because I had a huge prescription on one side and none on the other. This is before lighter plastic lenses. Ugh!

Anyway, I get to the appointment and fill out some forms. Nothing too magical. There are drinks and cookies available in the waiting area so I made a coffee using the industrial Tassimo. It actually disposes of the disc for you! Magic! Yes, I need to get out more. ;) Little did I know that the young lady in the next room was about to check my blood pressure. Now, I have a serious case of White Coat Syndrome if you know what I mean. I can check my own BP and it's pretty good but docs make my BP spike! So, the girl is super sweet and doesn't seem to mind that I am babbling like an idiot because I am nervous. She takes measurements, shines lights into my eyes and oohs over my skyrocketed blood pressure. Oops.

Back into the waiting room and then the handsome accountant like optometrist calls me in. Now I have seen all kinds of eye docs in the twenty-nine years since I started wearing glasses (Man, that makes me sound OLD!) and this guy is really personable, thank goodness, because I am babbling like an idiot now. He does the usual tests and we talk about candidacy. Right off the bat, he says I am not amblyopic. Huge sigh. In fact, I AM a candidate. Now I suddenly realize I really do want this. I want the freedom from glasses. I am tired of putting them down and forgetting where. I'm tired of needing them to watch tv, or read or because I am tired. I have hated the silly things since I was ten years old. I want this!

After Dr. Cutie tells me the good news, I am ushered into a room with a very young financial counsellor. She explains the options the doctor has laid out, what they mean, what they cost and the payment plan. She then pulls out a calendar and I look at it and realize I can get this done before I start the new season at the golf course, so I pounce. I can sell dh on it later... Surgery day is Thursday. Looks like I'm going to be blogging about it. Why not?


  1. I had my eyes done in 1996, have never regretted it for a minute! Good luck , I will pray for you...