Friday, February 17, 2012

Couponing - it's a full time job!

I don't think I ever realized how much time and effort goes into couponing - at least in the beginning. After several weeks of reading couponing blogs, scanning sites for new printable coupons and getting a ridiculous number of e-mails before determining which ones are really worth my while, I have reached a point where I may actually have too many coupons - at least of a certain type. Between coupon searching and surveys, I'm on my laptop a lot. However, we actually looked at the flyers last week and realized that we didn't actually NEED anything except fresh veggies and fruit for the week. That's a small victory, because the less time we spend in the store without planning, the fewer impulse buys we are making. That's good news.

Now surveys are a whole different animal. I'm a member of several sites and I actually ended up dropping a couple because I was constantly being weeded out early in the process and never getting anything that actually paid. Now I have reached the point where I get a few good ones a day and, while I won't send my teenaged daughters to college on the income, I very quickly earned a couple of Amazon gift cards for doing things I already do anyway. Win/win if you ask me. It's certainly not a get rich scheme by any stretch, but being rewarding for goofing off on the laptop or getting to tell my bank what I REALLY think about them is all good for this girl. :)

This really cracked me up when I saw it on Facebook this morning. Hopefully, it will give some other coupon addicts a smile. Have a great day!

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