Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why I am the best mom in the world - most recent chapter

Okay, maybe just the best mom in my girls' world and, truth be told, their world is pretty small. This weekend's crazy adventure is a trip to Vancouver so that my thirteen year old and her best friend can go to the Simple Plan concert. They aren't really there to see Simple Plan but rather the guest bands, Marianas Trench and All Time Low. Sarah has been stalking these guys online forever and found out when they would be in Vancouver so that she and her friend could go. The reasons this makes me the best mommy are plentiful. First of all, I convinced Daddy that all Sarah really wanted for Christmas was a ticket to this concert. ;) Then, I talked to besty's mom; they currently live about three hours from where we live so we had to be able to work out logistics. Today is the real test, however. I don't drive in the lower mainland. In fact, we live in a small town on Vancouver Island. I often drive in Victoria, but it is a relatively small city and I lived there before, so I know what I'm doing there. Vancouver, not so much. Then there is the hour long drive to the ferry and the two hour ferry drive. See where I am going? (I'm also a convention mother, but that's another post for another time)

Now, we get into how my friend is also up there for the best mother in the World award. Her boyfriend works for Fairmont Hotels. Can you see where THIS is going? So, as a gift to her daughter (and really a wonderful and much appreciated gift of thanks to ME) they have booked a room at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Sweet! A $300 room for a deal for them and they will not accept my money. Maybe I should review the hotel tonight? After all, I will just be pacing the floor hoping the girls are staying out of trouble. I think I feel a whole other blog post coming on...

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