Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fighting with Social Media Today

So I started my day by cleaning out my very full inbox today. I enter a lot of contests, follow a lot of blogs and do a lot of couponing. It keeps me busy and happy. What did NOT make me happy was finding out that my Twitter account had been suspended. The only reason I can guess for this happening is that following a large number of people in a short time sends up some kind of red flag with Twitter. Well, here's the thing; every person I followed had asked for people to follow them. These are like minded people sharing similar ideas through blogs and other social media. Anyway, I wrote to Twitter asking what the heck had happened since I didn't even get an e-mail from them warning that my account would be suspended. Now on to this evening. I'm on Facebook playing games. Fun, right? Kill some time while dh watches tv and wind down before bed. No. Of course not. There are several people who have turned Facebook into their place for causes. This is their right and they can make all the groups they want, but when I log in and the first thing I see is two grinning idiots who have hanged a couple of dogs, I want to puke. Yes, I know that cruelty to animals happens. Yes, I know that not looking at those pictures won't make it go away. I also know there isn't a damned thing I could have done to save those poor pooches and, given the chance, I would sure as Hell have tried. Now all I have is that image burned into my retinas and a sick feeling in my stomache. Kinda like when the person who works at the animal shelter thought it would be a good idea to share the picture of the piles of dead cats which the shelter had euthanized that day. Yeah. Because with six pets and two kids, I am DEFINITELY not doing my part. Grumble, grumble. I was having such a good day, too!

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