Monday, February 13, 2012

One Night in Vancouver

So, Sat night my thirteen year old and her fourteen year old friend went to Pacific Coliseum for the Simple Plan concert. I was a wreck, believe me. It didn't get better when they texted me early to ask me to go get them because the standing room tickets they had brought about just exactly the kind of scary environment I was afraid it would! Anyway, while they were at the concert rocking out to These Kids Wear Crowns, Marianas Trench and All Time Low, I had plenty of time to think about the hotel where we were staying.

First of all, on check-in we had issues. Now, my friend had made the reservation and used my hyphenated name because that is my facebook name. This is funny because I have been getting called by my maiden name ever since I checked in. I've been married for thirteen years! lol We had quite a time because even though I spelled out my name; “F-I-L...” the guy was typing “P-H-I-L...” something I haven't dealt with since I got married. Lol. Before that, I'd had parking drama – there is nowhere in front of the hotel to pull in and check-in and my GPS had taken me to the front door instead of where I could park! I'd had to pay to leave my car then went back to get the girls and move the car several blocks out of the way back to the hotel because of one way streets.

Now, the room was FREE to me, as my friend's boyfriend works for Fairmont Hotels, so I feel bit guilty complaining, but perhaps I expect a bit more from a $300/night room, even if we did get it at a discount! Let me start out by saying that the staff has been fantastic and I have absolutely no complaints there. What I do take issue with is charging that kind of money for room, charging crazy amounts of money for food and beverage and then nickle and diming things like internet. Yup, our $300/night room (plus the $50 I kicked in to upgrade for a suite and, oh yeah, parking is THIRTY TWO DOLLARS a night!) does not provide any kind of free internet. In fact, Fairmont charges $16/night for internet! I managed to get “cheaper” internet for $9.99, but really? The signal keeps getting dropped and it takes me ten minutes just to get back online! For ten dollars? And, oh yeah, it's $8.00 for a bottle of water? Oy.

At any rate, the hotel itself is beautiful and historical. It's also in a neighbourhood where there is a Tiffany's across the street, so not quite my speed. It was built in the twenties and took ten years to build. That would never happen these days! The historical photos in the main floor hallway are something to see. I'll have to see if I can find any online to share.

I guess I have rambled enough for your Monday post. Off to do some other lovely thing I have no doubt put off just to sit and write. Have a great week!

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  1. Barbara,
    I just checked out the hotel (online). Lovely. It reminds me of a week I spent in San Francisco. Thanks for the pleasant reminder...I'll be back here soon. Thanks also for stopping by my blog.
    Peace and good to you.