Monday, February 6, 2012

Every ending is a new beginning

I truly believe this. So why does the end of my three year relationship with my singing teacher make me so sad? I can't answer that. I can tell you that she told me herself that when she closed down her studio a few years back, there were tears on both sides. I also can't tell you why having one of the most amazing lessons I have ever had with her almost felt like having sex one last time with that guy you are breaking up with - so bittersweet. I do know I have grown to love her and that she is more than just a teacher - she is also a friend and mentor and even a bit of a mother figure. She has also been my connection to an entire music community in the town where she lives which is about 45 minutes away from my home. Through meeting her, I have become involved with a musical theatre group which is putting on a fundraising show in March. I have learned to be much more aware of my voice and my body, to listen - really listen when I practice, that I am better than I believe I am. Through her, I met a lady who is now my daughter's voice teacher (and may soon be mine) and who is an absolutely brilliant pedagogist. Because I knew her, I am a better singer, have more confidence in my ability and may just have the courage to move on to new things. I think that counts for an awful lot. I'm sure going to miss her.

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  1. So, do you sing professionally, or is it more of a hobby? I've been singing off and on for years. In fact, both my husband and I are song writers and performers, and have done many performances together as well as with our kids--that has been fun!
    True how when you have to be apart from someone you were close to you make room for someone or something new--not that anyone can replace that person, but a door opens for new experiences in your life, which is always a good thing!
    Have a great weekend!
    (new follower from VB!)