Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RIP Sweet Dennis

One of my favourite "old guys" from the golf course where dh is a member and I work summers passed away a week ago. I'm really going to miss him.

Dennis was eighty years old and quite deaf, but always so very cheerful. He played nine holes of golf several times a week because he didn't want to get up early enough to play the first nine with his group! lol I started calling him my boyfriend last summer and he told me that he'd told his wife about us. I asked what her response had been and he said it had been; "Good luck!" They were married over fifty years and he always said only the best things about her and insisted that he was lucky that such a great lady would have him. He told stories about what it was like when the war was on in Europe, about making sure young ladies got home safe from the drive-in and often gave me generally interesting glimpses into a time gone by. He was always so thrilled that I had taken the time to look at the tee off sheet to see if he was coming to make his decaf fresh in time for him to come in for it.

I clearly remember the day last summer when he showed up and told me he was "pissed off with my doctor!" For a man who never said more than darn in front of me, those were strong words. I soon found out that his doctor had insisted Dennis do a driving test and was pretty sure he would not pass. Well, the inevitable happened; Dennis took and failed his driving test and lost his license. On one hand, I was glad he and those around him were safer, but I was sad to see a man who was still so young inside lose his independence. It was this my husband and I were discussing last Wednesday night; how long a man would want to live once his freedom was gone. It just so happened that my sweet "boyfriend" left this world that very same night. So here's to you, my friend; I hope the golf course in Heaven is friendly to you and I'm sure going to miss you!

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